Welcome to Shanghai! Our main products: magnetic shutter level gauge, ultrasonic and magnetic level gauge
Address:No. 107 Nanshan Road, Shanghai, Jingan District

Shanghai Yixian Automation Instrument Co., Ltd. research and development, production of major products are magnetic level gauge, magnetic liquid level transmitter, magnetic liquid level controller, color quartz glass tube liquid level gauge glass tube level meter, automatic control box level, standard level A.B thermal resistance, thermocouple various explosion-proof, a temperature transmitter high temperature resistant thermocouple, thermal resistance, various bimetal thermometer, pressure (differential pressure) transmitter, intelligent pressure transmitter (differential pressure) and other 30 kinds of products, products nationwide and exported to foreign countries, suitable for the industries of aerospace, military, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection, construction, textile, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food, boiler water treatment, dyeing, etc..

Since Shanghai Yixian Automation Instrument Co., Ltd. established, relying on scientific management means, strong technical force, to "excellence, product quality and perfect constantly enterprising spirit and excellent service of customer service, more and more favored by the majority of users. Now our company is not only widely used in China, but also has been sold abroad.

Shanghai Yixian Automation Instrument Co., Ltd. product quality of Three Guarantees, the supply of complete sets of timely delivery, abide by the contract, on-site service, can meet the special needs of users order.

We sincerely look forward to extensive cooperation with people from all walks of life at home and abroad. We welcome customers to visit us for guidance and prosperity.

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