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M5 flexible magnetostrictive liquid level instrument

CRT - M5S series magnetostrictive liquid level meter is using the weidman effect principle, working …


The M5 flexible magnetostrictive liquid level meterQuantity can reach 20 meters, suitable for large oil tank and oil depot

CRT - M5S series magnetostrictive liquid level meter is using the weidman effect principle, working principle of the magnetostriction), through the modern advanced electronic technology, precision measurement of time between the pulse value, to achieve the purpose of accurately measure the liquid level.The product adopts the new technology, using the flexible design, soft cable enables users in the product transportation, installation and use of maintenance is easy to operate.

This gauge is the most accurate gauge fields, simple, stable performance, reliable and mature products.Especially in large range, normal temperature, atmospheric pressure such ordinary environment more distinct advantage, is not to be than other measurement method.

Product features:

Technical parameters:

Applicable medium: gasoline, diesel oil, methanol, etc

At the same time measure the liquid level, the position and temperature at five

High precision and can be used for metering delivery

Lossless device, high reliability

The change of parameters such as pressure there is no drift

Structure compact, simple installation and free maintenance

Prevent electromagnetic interference, prevent liquid fluctuation interference

Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant design, long service life

Range: 4.5 M to 20 M

Accuracy: + / - 0.5 mm

Resolution: 0.1 mm

Ambient temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃

The output signal: RS485,
Modbus protocol

Level of explosion-proof: ExiaIIBT4

Protection grade: IP67

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