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In the food industry, the application of the liquid level of the magnetic flip plate is discussed

Magnetic level gauge turning as one of the most common liquid level measuring instrument, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, electric power, nuclear industry and food of medical treatment and other industries, so today is to introduce for everybody, magnetic level gauge turning its application in food industry.

Are used in the food industry production and processing process all kinds of liquid materials, such as all kinds of wine, fruit juice, food additive, etc., and eventually will form a large number of liquid food. The liquid level measurements are an important part of daily production in the factory containers for the ingredients and the products that are eventually sold to the market. Among the users we work with is a large number of companies in the food processing industry. We have accumulated a large amount of experience in the measurement of liquid and flow of food liquids. Today I recommend the liquid level gauge for the liquid level measurement.

Magnetic flap liquid level gauge by ontology, frame box (consists of red, white double color small magnetic flap), float, flange cover, etc, used for all kinds of liquid level measurement of the vessel. It can be used in high temperature, explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, food and drink etc., where the liquid level is displayed and controlled. MAT - UHZ series magnetic level gauge can achieve high sealing and leakage protection and turning in high temperature and high pressure, high viscosity, strong corrosion resistance under the condition of safe and reliable to measure the liquid level, the whole process of measurement without blind area, display, intuitive readings, and large measuring range, with liquid level alarm, control switches, which can realize liquid level alarm and control or the position of the upper and lower limits, deserve to go up liquid level transmitter can be water. The boundary signal is converted to the standard signal of the second wire system 4 ~ 20mADC, which realizes remote detection, instruction, recording and control.

Magnetic flap liquidometer classification is less, according to the installation method is divided into test and the top two, according to the material is divided into 304, 316, PVC, 304, four fluorine several lining winery in general stainless steel material is ok, the other so-called health type connection mode is the biggest characteristic, ordinary is flange connection, health type clamp connection, is commonly used in convenient disassembly cleaning disinfection treatment at any time. There are also direct flange connections, depending on the conditions of use, environment, situation, pressure and so on. Magnetic flap to be aware of what time is: material, the proportion of float, according to the temperature, pressure, correct selection, determine the good range - is that the space rather than the height of tank flange. The hope can help you, magnetic liquid level products, is a historic turning itself technical content is relatively high, classification is also not many, pay attention to the selection of attention to the problem of material quality float. For example, the choice of the liquid level of the wine industry is the choice of the type 316L stainless steel, or the relevant model for the four-fluorine type.

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