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Double color pervious to light glass level gauge

UWG type double color glass level gauge pressure vessel used to direct instructions and exposure to …


Typical application:

UWG type double color glass level gauge pressure vessel used to direct instructions and exposure to the liquid level height in the container, its characteristic is to indicate the level of no blind area, it has changed the past without blind area combined glass level gauge, bulky volume and difficult to observe, it improved the main channel structure, the medium flow unobstructed, and enhanced the instrument of viscous, prevent plugging ability, is widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy and other fields, especially for heavy oil, residual oil and pure ammonia storage tank of liquid level instructions accurately.

Structure principle: glass level gauge is designed based on the principle of communicating vessels, made of glass and liquid level gauge body fluid pathway is over with the flange or taper pipe threads connected to the measured container connectors, observed through a glass plate surface and the container liquid level of the same level.Type level gauge on both ends of the needle valve not only ACTS as cut-off valve, its internal steel ball has the function of check valve leakage accident broken occurs when the liquid level meter, steel ball can be in medium pressure automatically closed fluid channel, to prevent from the enormous outflow liquid security protection.The level of material or change the parts to add some auxiliary parts can achieve anticorrosive, heat preservation, prevent the frost, lighting, and other functions.
Level gauge classification and using range is as follows:
1, heating type glass level gauge: mainly used in occasions need measured medium heat preservation;
2, frost prevention type glass level gauge: mainly used for the operating temperature is measured medium - 196 ~ 0 ℃, the glass is frosted occasions;
3, no blind area type glass level gauge: mainly used in need continuous observation, visual range are not allowed to have a blind spot situations;
4 type, double color glass level gauge: mainly used in medium is colorless transparent liquid, the occasion of not easy observation level;
5, prevent ultraviolet linear glass level gauge: mainly used for fear of ultraviolet light measured medium occasion;
6, wide liquid chamber type glass level gauge: mainly used in the measured medium viscosity is larger or the instrument have a larger volume required;
7, lighting glass level gauge: mainly used in the night need the occasion of observation.
Double color glass level gauge features:

1, show clear, no blind area, uninterrupted, continuous instructions;2, no leakage, no jam;3, easy maintenance.Main technical parameters: 1, the measuring range: 300, 500, 800, 1100, 1400, 1700,...Mm;2, working pressure: 6.3 MPa;3, work temperature: 200 ℃ or less;4, the valve automatically closed differential pressure: 0.2 MPa.5, steam jacketed joint: G1/2 "male;6, process connection: SD - UWB connection thread: male G3/4 "or M27 x 1.5;HC - UWB - G type connecting flange: HG20592 ~ 20635-97-3/4 "to DIN) please indicate the user as ordering;7, liquid material: heat resistant carbon steel;Stainless steel.

Double color glass level gauge selection table:

UWBDouble color glass level gauge

1Pervious to light type, generally used for colorless transparent liquid, light is goodBasic types of
2Pervious to light with the steam jacket, used for liquid medium thick, easily frozen
3Reflection type, a bit like a show to colour and lustre of liquid, and the light good occasion
4Reflex zone steam jacket for viscous, nonpolar liquid medium
5Frost prevention type, used in low temperature
6The illuminated for low light situations

GModified for UWB is flange connectionType of installation

ACarbon steelThe main body material
B1 cr18ni9ti or 304 ss

C316 ss or 316 l

1300mm41100mmMeasuring range



Ordering instructions: 1, model specifications;2, measurement range;3, working pressure, and temperature;4, material;5, special requirements;6, whether supporting supply vessel flange, bolts, nuts, valves and accessories such as sealing washer.

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