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[2017-04-22]In the food industry, the application of the liquid level of the magnetic flip plate is discussed

Magnetic level gauge turning as one of the most common liquid level measuring instrument, widely use……[Know More]

[2017-04-22]What is the cause of the sinking of the float in the sliding plate?

Magnetic level gauge is turning to adapt to the market demand and development of a visual type level……[Know More]

[2017-04-22]Common faults and solutions for the liquid level of magnetic flip plate

Magnetic flap level gauge as the present industrial production using one of the most common liquid l……[Know More]

[2017-04-22]The key points of standardization in the energy field: indicate the direction of the instrument business

Recently, the national energy administration (nenergy) comprehensive department has issued the "……[Know More]

[2017-04-22]The annual meeting of the national pressure measurement and technology committee

On April 14, 2017, the annual meeting of the national pressure measurement technology committee (NTC……[Know More]

[2017-04-22]Shanghai will deploy the 2017 smart manufacturing research in 11 areas

Recently, the Shanghai economic and information committee organized 2017 intelligent manufacture spe……[Know More]

[2017-04-22]The method of reducing the measuring error of the magnetic flip plate

Based on the working principle of magnetic flap level gauge, this paper analyzes the magnetic flap l……[Know More]

[2017-04-22]Shielding the external magnetic field of the magnetic flip panel

The magnetic field is generated by the magnetosphere, which is pointed to the S pole by the N pole o……[Know More]

[2017-04-22]The reason of the sinking and the method of deviation of the magnetic float

Working principle of magnetic flap liquid level gauge is the use of magnetic coupling effect, use me……[Know More]

[2017-04-22]Ultrasonic liquid level is a common failure analysis in chemical production applications

Applications in petroleum chemical industry production process of ultrasonic liquid level meter liqu……[Know More]

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