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The key points of standardization in the energy field: indicate the direction of the instrument business

Recently, the national energy administration (nenergy) comprehensive department has issued the "key points for the standardization of energy sector in 2017" (hereinafter referred to as "the work order"). The energy industry is an important application industry for instrumentation, this time the introduction of "work points", which also points out the future direction of the instrument and instrumentation industry.

The key points of the work pointed out that in 2017, we will focus on the following tasks to improve the system of energy standardization. Strengthen top-level design and system layout; To strengthen standard revision of key areas; Raise the internationalization of energy standards and so on.

The key points of work, the proposed energy focus areas include oil and gas, petrochemical, nuclear power field, electric field, electric power equipment, such as renewable energy, coal field. With the strengthening of various energy standardization construction, corresponding instrumentation data measurement accuracy should also ascending simultaneously, to provide strong technical support for energy metering, show the core competence in the measurement of energy in the future market.

In addition, the key points of work, strengthening the construction of oil and gas exploration and development, long distance oil and gas pipelines, offshore oil exploration and production equipment, quality and operation safety standards in areas such as industry development, promote natural gas metering standard of form a complete set in line with international standards.

In the process of natural gas exploration and development as well as energy metering, gas meter and gas analyzer instrument plays an irreplaceable important role. In terms of natural gas measurement standards, the standard orifice measurement method for natural gas flow (SY/T6143-1996) has been established in China. However, compared with the international advanced level, the overall technical level of natural gas flow measurement in China is still significant. For example, the large amount of natural stomata flow meter used in our country, due to its inherent defects, can cause the signal to lag, so it can not guarantee its measurement accuracy. It is believed that the release of "the essentials of work" will greatly push forward the technical progress of gas flowmeter, analyzer, etc.

In "the essentials of work", we also proposed to strengthen the construction of standards such as information collection. In the construction of the information acquisition system, the smart meter is an important ring. Thanks to the rapid advance of the smart grid construction, intelligent electric meter industry rapid development in our country, the industry now has a mature, technology has the advantage in the global market. Can use information collection standard construction step by step, and for the future performance of the intelligent watt-hour meter and quality put forward higher request, intelligent and high-precision will become the future development trend of smart meters.

In the coal field, the key product standards, key equipment and standards, and the standard and key energy-consuming unit energy efficiency standards are focused on the coal fuel industry. At present, the coal monitoring and analysis instruments are widespread adaptability is not strong, poor reliability problem, this caused some impact for China's coal industry standardization construction. Therefore, the development of key technologies, the promotion of coal monitoring, the reliability of the analysis instrument and the adaptability are the points of the Chinese instrument enterprises.

In addition, the working points of emphasis, strengthen electric power equipment development and system construction important technical standards, to adapt to the "Internet + wisdom energy", "made in China 2025" the relevant requirements, promote power equipment of the new standard system is established in this paper. After nearly a decade of development, our country's intelligent electric meters, the product is near mature, and the function gradually changes from simple, low-end to diversified and high-end. The implementation of "work points" will also further improve the technical level of precision, performance stability, communication and protocol openness.

Released the "key points", has been clear about the 2017 point source domain industry standardization construction, layout direction for relevant industry, will also be some instrument and meter enterprise attention hot spot.

With the improvement of importance for the energy field in China, instrument and meter industry as a "pioneer" in the field of energy measurement test, will usher in a new development opportunity. Timing, according to the working point, the whole future enterprise work focus, enhance energy metering, detection and analysis instrument equipment research and development, will cause the related instrument enterprises downstream, one of the leading enterprises in the industry.

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