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The annual meeting of the national pressure measurement and technology committee

On April 14, 2017, the annual meeting of the national pressure measurement technology committee (NTC) was held in the anhui province.

Shao metrological testing technology research institute of Shanghai, China aviation industry group co., LTD., dean of metrological testing technology research institute of Beijing Great Wall tension, chief engineer, the new national working group on pressure measurement technology committee to all members, coordination, communication committee member and related units on behalf of a total of more than seventy people attend the meeting.

At the meeting, the fifth secretary-general of the committee, tu li, was a summary of the committee's work in 2016. The new secretary general, wang can, chaired the meeting and made a report on the committee's work plan for 2017.

The chairman of the committee, shao li, issued a committee certificate to the new committee members. The chairman of shao li pointed out that, under the unremitting efforts of all the members of the committee, the previous committee did a good job in completing the task, and received praise and affirmation from the administration several times. Thanks to all the committee members on the committee's contribution to the development of pressure measurement technology, and also encourage the new committee should take the work points, enhance the connotation of pressure measurement of technical regulations and more substantive participation in international activities of measurement, provide a more powerful technology to the development measurement rules and technical support.

The conference also reviewed plans for a revised plan for technical regulation in 2018.

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