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What is the cause of the sinking of the float in the sliding plate?

Magnetic level gauge is turning to adapt to the market demand and development of a visual type level gauge, is applied to all kinds of tajikistan, cans,, boxes and other containers of liquid level measuring instrument, widely used in petroleum, chemical, power, light industry, nuclear industry and other industrial fields, especially in the face of harsh working conditions, such strong corrosion, high temperature and high pressure conditions, more show its excellent performance. But also can appear in the process of magnetic level gauge with turning problems, today we will do a simple analysis for one of the problems, that is magnetic level gauge with turning process, its internal float down what reason be? According to our sales experience in the years of sales of magnetic flip. Many customers will reflect the question, when magnetic after installation of the flap on the tank liquid level, liquid level up, can not corresponding measurement of liquid level meter, then close the valve, float frequently sink. So what causes this problem? Here's why we've analyzed it, and hopefully we can help.

Reason 1: it may be that the density-value parameters are not accurate.

Float is one of the magnetic flap is an important part of the liquid level meter, float is a magnetic, display board has a level, that float is magnetic, this can be ruled out.

Cause analysis 2: the magnetic float subdensity-density parameter is not accurate.

The float is always sinking, and it may be that the density parameter is not accurate. We speak magnetic float level gauge turning measuring principle is to use the principle of buoyancy, made a minimum level according to the medium density can float float, can with liquid level rise, the float will rise. Another is that the float is stuck, the illusion of sinking.

Reason analysis three: the size of the outer diameter of the maglev is less than the size of the main tube.

At the time of production, the magnetic flap of the inner and outer diameter of the stainless steel pipe diameter is greater than the float, and float outside diameter is according to the density of the medium, the medium pressure. And now, the general magnetic plate liquid level of the jiangsu ruimeter is the measuring of the outside diameter 57mm, and if there are more parameters, it can be made to order more. So there's basically no such thing.

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