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Chase glass plate level gauge

HG5 drift diameter glass tube liquid level meter, using the latest anti-sticking technology processi…


HG5 drift diameter glass tube liquid level meter, using the latest anti-sticking technology processing, used for slightly larger color liquid viscosity (such as crude oil, heavy oil, wax oil, sugar, liquid, pesticide, etc.), to solve the medium viscosity is too big jams easily and cause the problem of false level.

Product features

The size of the chase, the walls of the walls, the non-clogging

Steam companion heat, can be equipped with the top washing device, bottom blowdown

With movable flanges, adjustable direction and easy maintenance

Technical parameters

Nominal pressure: PN is equal to 2.5 MPa

Working temperature: - 40 ℃ or less t 450 ℃ or less

Center distance: L = 500 ~ 1700mm

Quartz tube diameter: Φ 36 mm, Φ 43 mm

Flange standard: PN4.0 DN20 (designed according to customer's requirements)

Installation and maintenance

1, drift diameter (wash) the level of basic installation is the same as UG series liquid level meter, will only install flush piping (flush piping should be equipped with a valve) and the level of takeover of flush valve.

2, washing method: level gauge to flush, the level gauge should be closed, the next valve, open the drain valve, and then open the flush valve, can be rinsed repeatedly, until the desired effect.

3, wash finished, when liquid level meter in use again, should close the flush valve, in order to prevent the flushing fluid by liquid level gauge with measured medium, then, should check whether the quartz tube is eroded, affect the normal use of defects such as cracks, such as big, must replace the new tube, to prevent the occurrence of accidents such as Fried pipe.

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