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Double color quartz tube liquid level meter

UGS double color quartz tube liquid level gauge is mainly used for all kinds of pressure vessel, ind…

UGS double color quartz tube liquid level gauge is mainly used for all kinds of pressure vessel, industrial steam boiler liquid level display.It compared to the original UGSX double color quartz tube liquid level meter is more security, reliability, show more clearly, maintenance, maintenance more convenient.It overcomes the original under the weak light must take the power of the faults, and its appearance in volume or weight than the original narrow many, instrument integral feeling small, novel.It is specially designed for the boiler industry of 21st century is a new generation of liquid level meter.
UGS double color quartz tube liquid level meter is the use of light present different refractive index in different medium and reflection characteristics, and with the aid of liquid green color filter, gas phase red double color display, gas-liquid interface is very clear.
Double color quartz tube liquid level meter features:
Type no.
Small, innovative
Rough, relatively bulky
Install the center distance (mm)
300 ~ 2000
300 ~ 500
Visual height
100 ~ 1800
100 ~ 300
Weight, volume
1.0 times
1.5 times
Pressure of work
Working temperature
- 10 ~ 450 ℃
- 10 ~ 250 ℃
Maintenance and installation
The numerous
Lighting, frost prevention, steam jacket
Double color quartz tube liquid level meter technical indicators:
Center distance measuring range (installation) : 300, 350, 440, 500 · · · · · · 2000 mm
Visual height: 100, 150, 240, 300 · · · · · · 1800 mm
Working pressure measured medium: 1.6, 2.5, 4.0, 6.4 MPa
Working temperature: - 10 ℃ ~ + 450 ℃
Heating steam pressure: 0.6 MPa or less
Steam jacket size: G1/2 "male
Observation distance: 15 m (natural) 50 m (with lighting)
Display color code: water green, and red, the gas phase
Floodlight: 36 v AC 6 w
Interface flange: using chemical HG20592 issued by the 1997 ~ 1997-20635 standard flange.Flange size 3/4 ", DN25, such as user needs to adopt other standards (GB, ANSI, DIN, etc.) can be designed according to user needs.
Double color quartz tube liquid level gauge instructions:
1, when water level gauge is used, should slowly open the valve into the liquid, and glass tube preheating 20 ~ 30 minutes, after a certain temperature, can all open on both ends of the valve into the water or other medium.
2, in use process requirements often drainage, avoid fouling corrosion blocking channels, appear false water level phenomenon.
3, when the quartz tube due to accidental damage, with the help of the instrument will handle cock up and down up and down the plug turn 90 °, can stop the containers within the medium to drain, at this point, can replace the damaged parts.
Double color quartz tube liquid level meter use and maintenance:
Water level gauge can be used after 1, packaging conventional transportation tool, but should avoid violent vibration and snow and rain erosion directly.
2, water level gauge should be on temperature 0 ~ 40 ℃, relative humidity is not more than 80% of the dry and ventilated indoor and outdoor air should not gauges containing corrosion medium.
3, water level gauge must be installed vertically, the vertical deviation degree should be less than 3 °.
4, gauge and container should be equipped with stop valve, so that with the dielectric isolation during the cleaning and maintenance.
5, according to media, should be conducted on a regular basis of ontology pipe cleaning, removal of tube of sundry.
Double color quartz tube liquid level meter order information:
1, model specifications
2, measuring range, center distance (L)
3 work pressure,
4, working temperature
5, material requirements
6, the flange standard

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