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Since the limit temperature electric tracing band in low temperature

Self-control temperature heat tracing cable (hereinafter referred to as the regulation of electric t…


Self-control temperature heat tracing cable (hereinafter referred to as the regulation of electric tracing hotline, since the limit temperature electric heating) is a new generation of the only band thermostatic electric heater.The heating element has the very high positive Temperature coefficient of resistivity "PTC" (Postive Temperature Coefficent) and parallel to each other.Features are: automatically limit the temperature of the heating, and with the temperature of the heated system automatically adjust the output power without any additional equipment;Can be arbitrary cut short or long use within the scope of a certain length, and allows multiple overlapping without high temperature hot spot and burned lv.These characteristics make heating cable has: to prevent overheating, the use of the advantages of convenient maintenance and save power.

Heat tracing cable by nano conductive carbon grain and two parallel bus with insulation layer, because of this parallel structure, all the "dove" brand electric tracing line can be cut into any length at the scene, using two-way or tee junction box.

Applicable occasions:

Suitable for piping, equipment and container temperature control, heating, heat preservation, heating, especially the material easy to decompose, metamorphism, crystallization, freezes.In petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, light industry, food, refrigeration, construction, gas, agricultural and sideline products, production, processing and other departments have a wide range of USES.

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