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Vacuum clamp with magnetic flip gauge

Type selection 1, steam jacket, and water jacket: is in the level increase a layer of cylinder body…


Type selection
1, steam jacket, and water jacket: is in the level increase a layer of cylinder body tube, for steam, circulating water or heat conducting oil distribution;
2, vacuum jacketed: the liquid level meter is in the main tube outer increase a layer of vacuum cylinder, so that the measured medium heat with the outside world.

Vacuum jacketed magnetic flap liquidometer product features:
The product is mainly used in petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, electric power, nuclear industry, food and medical industry, for a variety of the medium inside the container for instructions and control level.
1, sealing strong, not easy to penetrate, the series of products with special interface processing, more suitable for liquid ammonia using high permeability occasions
2, resistant to high temperature and high pressure capability, this series product can be as big a temperature of 600 ℃, the largest maximum pressure can be up to 25 mpa
3, corrosion resistant ability, the series of products using the latest stainless steel PTFE lining technology, make the product strong anti-corrosion ability
4, can be used in low temperature, the series of products with special jacketed craft, 200 degrees below zero can rise to the occasion
5, signal remote transmission capability is strong, the product output signal can be switch, analog, and can bring the HART protocol
Vacuum jacketed magnetic flap liquidometer product type:
The thermal system, the product company: suitable for liquid level measurement, antifreeze, insulation and heating occasions jacketed type steam jacket, water jacket, vacuum jacketed clamp, electricity and so on.According to the scene for explosion-proof electric heat tracing system.
Vacuum jacketed magnetic flap liquidometer product main technical parameters:
Measuring range: 300 ~ 18000 mm
Accuracy: + / - 10 mm
Job stress: atmospheric ~ 25 mpa
Working temperature: 200 ~ 600 ℃
Medium density: 0.5 ~ 2.0 g/cm3
Medium density difference: 150 kg/m3 (measuring the position) or higher
Environment: vibration frequency of 25 hz or less amplitude of 0.5 mm or less
Follow the speed: 0.08 m/s or less
Medium viscosity: Pa 0.4 or less) S (can use heating jacket to improve viscosity conditions)
The process connection:
Side mount flange: DN25 / PN1.0 PN1.6, PN2.5 / HG20592 ~ 20635-97
Top mounted flange: DN100 / PN1.0, PN2.5 convex or DN100 / PN1.0, PN2.5 convex/HG20592 ~ 20635-97
Or installation size specified by the customer.
Main pipe: 1 cr18ni9ti;304;316 l;PP;PVC;PTFE
Float: titanium;PTFE
Note: the structure of magnetic level gauge with cold insulation layer after turning, medium temperatures allow reach to 45 ℃

Vacuum clamp cover model magnetic level gauge turning parameters are optional

Answer the liquid material (304, 316 l)
Nominal pressure Mpa
Far eastone transmitter optional
Magnetic switch is optional
Medium density
The temperature
Measuring range
Connecting flange standard

Vacuum clamp cover model magnetic flap liquidometer optional accessories

1, magnetic level gauge can pass the flap of the display, turning clear that container liquid level height.At the same time, through the following optional combination of installation, implement the remote monitoring and control level.
2, indicator: can the site directly and clearly indicates the liquid level height of the container.
3, tech indicator
4, aluminum alloy indicator
5, stainless steel indicator
6, the electronic double color indicator is optional
7, remote transmitter: implementation of level measurement signal transmission over a long distance.
8, indicator built-in remote transmission
9, conventional stainless steel far eastone
10, explosion-proof far eastone
11, magnetostrictive transducer optional
12, magnetic switch: to detect level of certain limit shop, in the form of switch magnetic signal, alarm or control functions.
13, molded case of magnetic switch (with instructions given)
Stainless steel magnetic switch
Stainless steel explosion-proof magnetic switch
Explosion-proof wiring box magnetic switch optional

Vacuum jacketed magnetic flap liquidometer product selection table:


Side mounted



PP plastic (applicable to 0.6 MPa or less)

The main body material


1Cr18Ni9Ti 0Cr19Ni9(304)


Stainless steel lined with ptfe



Nominal pressure








High pressure type 6-16 MPa



Control function


Take the lower limit switch


Charged far eastone (24 VDC) 4-20 ma output,


With the Ann explosion-proof far eastone (24 VDC) 4-20 ma output,

L =

Install the spacing (measuring range)



Did not consider the installation depth (top mounted)

0-3000 - mm optional

Medium density









Rho =

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