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Top mounted type magnetic flip gauge

Top mounted magnetic level gauge is turning should be centralized control and the development of ano…


Top mounted magnetic level gauge is turning should be centralized control and the development of another roof with magnetic flap (bottom) level gauge, scene with clear instructions and can remote control, etc. The products can be widely used in petroleum chemical industry, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, Marine, military and other industries of all kinds of tajikistan, cans, and the spherical liquid level indicator on the container.

Technical requirements for the liquid level of the top mounted magnetic plate

Measuring range: 0 ~ 5000mm

Accuracy: plus or minus 10mm plus or minus 16mm

Column diameter: 10mm, 16mm

Nominal pressure: 2.5 MPa

Media density: greater than 0.7 g/cm3 (special requirements can reach 0.45 g/cm3)

Medium temperature: - 20 ~ + 350 ℃

Grafting material: stainless steel 304/316/316l and PP material

Medium viscosity: no less than 2.0 Pa. S

Ambient vibration: the frequency is not equal to 25Hz amplitude is equal to 0.5 mm

Following speed: less than 0.05 m/s

Flange standard: HG20592 ~ 20635-97

Alarms and remote devices: the technical parameters are the same as the uhz-25 series

Top loading magnetic flip gauge structure

(the top mounted magnetic flap liquid level gauge by ontology is composed of upper and lower tube), frame box (consists of red, white double color small magnetic flap), float (composed) magnet, plunger, buoy, etc, and this company produces the liquid level control switch and remote transmission device used in the transmitter, liquid level can be realized liquid level of the upper and lower limit alarm and limit control, liquid level remote transmitter device can convert liquid level changes into 4-20 ma linear current signal, realizing remote instructions, detection, control and record.

The working principle of

Container buoy (according to the different medium and the pressure for development), along with the change of liquid level height in the next two catheter floating up and down and through the plunger, the magnet on the intraductal move up and down, pushing outside the body turning and turning red, white color to indicate that the liquid surface height, at the same time, liquid level transmitter will level signals to the control center for level indicator and control, also can undertake centralized monitoring through the computer.

When the container is not suitable for the side opening and the space of the container, it can be installed in the upper or lower part of the container

It is suitable for liquid medium of large viscosity

The direction of the monitor can be changed arbitrarily

Other features are the same as UFZ

The liquid level of the top mounted type magnetic plate is selected for the instructions:

The anti-corrosion type is less than 1.0 MPa.

2, level gauge has certain blind spots, so should be combined with blind area while reading level of value compensation (this factory level meter factory, the scale dial zero to actual values).

The measuring range of the liquid level shall not exceed 5 meters, otherwise the stability and reliability of the liquid level shall be affected.

Installation of connection flanges, the commonly used surface size reference (hg21592-97) manufactured by the unit.

Installation and maintenance of top mounted magnetic flip gauge installation:

The liquid-level catheter and the main catheter must remain perpendicular

The link can't be bent, it must be straight in

After the installation is completed, the column of the display should be guided by the magnetic steel to show the white below zero, and the red is shown below zero.

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