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Side loading type magnetic flip gauge

First, product overview UHZ series magnetic flap side mounted level gauge can achieve high sealing …


First, product overview

UHZ series magnetic flap side mounted level gauge can achieve high sealing and leakage protection and in high temperature and high pressure, high viscosity, strong corrosion resistance under the condition of safe and reliable to measure the liquid level, the whole process of measurement without blind area, display, intuitive readings, and large measuring range, with liquid level alarm, control switches, which can realize liquid level alarm and control or the position of the upper and lower limits, with liquid level transmitter level the position signal can be converted into two wire 4 ~ 20 madc standard signal, realizing remote detection, indicating, recording, and control.

The principle of the hydraulic position of the side mounted magnetic flip plate

A new type of instrument that is used to indicate the position of the liquid level by turning the flip of a two-colour wafer with a float. Magnetic flap inspcetion within the body of the liquid level gauge along with the lifting of liquid level up and down, while driving the main indicator of double color chip flip, have a level turn red, no level in white. The line between the red and white bands represents the level of the liquid. On the left side of the indicator is a marked scale. Thus, the indicator of the liquid level is clearer

Main technical indicators for the liquid level of the side mounted magnetic flip panel:

Scale range (mm) : measuring range: 300 ~ 18000mm

Media density (g/cm3) : 0.5 ~ 2

Medium viscosity: less than 0.02 Pa. S

4 ℃, working temperature: - 40 ~ 350

Work pressure: less than 2.5 MPa (common type)

Less than or equal to 10.0 MPa (high pressure type)

Less than or less than 32.0 MPa

Less than 2.5 MPa

Measuring accuracy (mm) : less than or minus 10

Installation mode: side loading, top loading and bottom loading

Protection level: IP65

9, explosion-proof level: the ib Ⅱ CT4. (Ann), d Ⅱ BT4 (flameproof)

Transmission: 4 ~ 20mA or switch

Interface flanges: according to the national chemical engineering department, mechanical department and American standard, the special custom can be used to combine the user's needs.

Note: when the side loading type magnetic flip gauge is affected by the environment, the space position of L1 < 300 is obvious.

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